Welcome to David Oluseyi Adebayo online portal

You are especially welcome to David Oluseyi Adebayo online portal. This is a divine site that gives you a divine insight into your divine inheritance that will guarantee your manifestation as sons/ daughters of God on the earth. As it is written; “for the earnest expectation of the creature waiteth for the manifestation of the sons of God.” - Romans 8:19
Moreover, it is good to remember that it takes having a spiritual root to be able to bear fruit in any spiritual engagement. Through this online portal, among others expect God to deepen your root in Him and set your spirit man on fire. - Romans 8:6/Psalms 11:3
Hence, I will like to encourage that as you explore this spiritual bakery (website), that you engage your spirit man and remain sensitive to what the Lord may be speaking to you from time to time on a personal or ministry bases. - Psalm 36:9 Remember, He sent just A WORD into Jacob and the product was a national impact which is making rounds in the world today. – Isaiah 9:8
In conclusion, recognize that every statement from a vessel God sends to you and you come across, has a definite purpose. Please maximize it. -Isaiah 55:10-11 I see you having personal and strange encounters at every point in time you log in into this site with outstanding testimonies for continuous advancement and fulfilment of destiny.

Remain ever blessed.
Jesus is Lord!
David O. Adebayo

Who is your Shepherd?

Your shepherd determines your standard. Until the Lord Jesus Christ becomes your Shepherd, your life is bound to remain haggard. Remember, without divine guidance, your life is bound to remain stagnant! To enjoy divine guidance, subscribe fully to the Holy Spirit, the Gift of the Father – Ps 23:1-3/ Jn 10:1-16/Jn 14:16/Jn 14:26/ Jn 16:13

To lack a shepherd is to prepare to have your life scattered.

– David Adebayo

Eternity with Jesus

Life after death is real. Until a man is saved, he remains encaged in the hands of Satan. Every waking morning, ask yourself “Where will I spend my eternity, with Jesus or with demons?” The choice is a function of your decision NOW. –Matthew 16:26/ Revelations 20:12-15

To miss eternity with Jesus is to get ready for eternal calamity with the devil and his demons!

– David Adebayo

There is a STAR in YOU!

Like will always begets like. As God’s creature, you possess the seed of God’s breath! As a believer, you possess the life of God – Christ: The Bright and Morning Star. Therefore, there is NO basis for hopelessness –Rev 22:16/Ecc9:4/ Job 14:7-9

Until you are conscious of the light of who you carry (Christ), you may never be able to rise not to talk of shining.

– David Adebayo

The Place of Relationship

Life is never complete without relationships. Somehow, today, you are a product of one relationship or the other you had yesterday! However, weigh relationships and sustain the ones securing you a brighter future –Amos 3:3/ 1Cor 15:33/ Pro 27:17/ Ps 1:1

Relationship is a force that can make or break. Therefore, watch out – the friend you keep today determines your end tomorrow!

– David Adebayo