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15 February 2021

The Word that Works – Part 3

Blessed greetings to you all in the name of Jesus!

You are specially welcome to another week where God is set to give you another package of blessings. Your blessings for this week shall not elude you in Jesus’ name. 


In our study of the “The Word that Works” this week, we shall be examining the “RIGHT WORD”.        

A right word from the Lord is all you need to make all things right in your life for your rights in Christ to arrive.

As it is written, “how forcible are right words” – Job 6:25 

Recognize that, all scriptures are perfect as originated by the Spirit of God, but not all scriptures are right for every situation. (Isa 34:16, Matt. 4:1-11). That is, there is a right scripture for a particular situation. For example, having just any bunch of keys does not open or guarantee the opening of just any door. But having a right key no matter how small it is, is what opens a particular door. (Matt. 15:22-28)


Understand that no matter your situation right now, the state of your condition, the question and troubles of life bewildering you now, there is a Right Word (scripture) from the Lord that will turn it around for your testimony. 

For instance, from the scripture above (Matt.4:1-11) the devil kept putting Jesus on the line of test, but at a point the Right word came – “Get the hence, Satan ……. Then Satan left him alone” (vs 10-11). 

Therefore to be in command of the Right word:

  • Possess a right heart Matt 12:34
  • Out of a right heart proceeds a right word
  • Be spiritual – Rom. 8:6.
  • To be spiritual is to desire and committedly engaged in spiritual activities, among others.
  • Live in the spirit – Gal. 5:25
  • To live in the Spirit is to stay connected to the Spirit of God in everything we do, per second of our consciousness.
  • Be Bold to declare His word as received in your spirit-man– Luke 21:15
  • Bold declaration of God’s word commits His integrity 


  • Your heart is the channel for a right word, therefore keep your heart sanctified –Pro 4:23
  • You don’t fast to get the right word because challenges that require a right word comes unexpectedly, hence, you flow in the Spirit to assess the right word – Matt 22:15-22


Action Point

Throughout this week and beyond, desire the grace to have a right heart, that is committed to the Spirit of God per second for the release of a right word that will set you up for a great future.  - Prov 23:26/Jer. 29:13/ Isa. 29:13


 Remain ever blessed. 


Jesus is Lord!



David O. Adebayo