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14 March 2021


Praise the Lord! 

By His special grace, He has launched us into a new week of unusual surprises that will usher us into change of levels on every side. – Pro 4:18


We shall be continuing in our series, Experiencing Excellence in Life. We started last week focusing on the place of VISION in our pursuit of excellence. -Matt 6:22


This week, we shall be focusing on the FORCE of DILIGENCE.

Recognize that no man can experience excellence in life without the engagement of the force of diligence. As it is written, 

 Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men. – Pro 22:29

Diligence is a force that catapults a man into the realms of excellence in life, family, business, career or any life adventure thereby making him to stand before kings. 


But what is Diligence? 

According to Cambridge dictionary, diligence is being defined as the quality of working carefully and with a lot of effort.

From the definition above, it is clear that diligence requires work and a lot of effort. However, it is vital to understand to experience excellence, we must not just labour working but engage in the types of labour for a most productive work. This is because not all hardworking individuals ever attains excellence in life.– Ecc 10:15


Hence, we must be conscious of how we deploy our strength in the name of labouring. That is why if our diligence must culminate in excellence we must engage in:

  • A Wise Work – This talks about labouring with the required knowledge – Gen 30:30-43/ Pro 15:28
  • A Right Work – This talks about labouring in the right direction. Imagine a medical student preparing for exam studying with Geography textbook all night? That is obviously a wrong work, labouring in the wrong direction. – Gen 26:12-28/Ecc 10:15
  • Hard work – It’s important to put wise and right work ahead of hard work in order to experience a productive work that will result in excellence – Pro 12:24/ Pro 13:4


In conclusion, let’s review our engagements now, asking specific questions for an upward review in order for us to have a most productive week.

This week, the Lord will empower us all to apply this guide into our engagements for all around advancement in Jesus’ name. 

Remain ever blessed!


Jesus is Lord!


David O. Adebayo