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12 April 2021


Praise the Lord! What an awesome opportunity to be launched once again into a new week that shall be delivering all round miracle, signs and wonders into our lives.


On this platform, we shall be continuing in our series captioned - Glorification: God’s Ultimate for You. – Rom 8:29-30

As it is written; 

“17 For our light affliction, which is but for a moment, worketh for us a far more exceeding and eternal weight of glory;.”- 2Cor 4:17


Indeed, the world is full of wickedness but there is an assurance of a victoriously life for us in Christ – Ps 74:20/1Jn 5:4


Recognize that no matter what you are going through now, the Bible calls it a light affliction. In fact, The Passion Translation (TPT), calls it “our slight, short-lived troubles”. That is, no matter the height of your challenge, it is slight and meant for a short time. Should there be anyone reading this write-up whose challenge has lingered long enough, I decree an end now in the name of Jesus the Christ!!! - Ps 107:20

Please understand that nothing of shame in your life brings glory and honour to God. This is because as a believer, in your glory is His glory. God is only glorified when you testify not when you are “shamified”. – Is 43:7


Understand that you are practically created to show forth His glory anywhere you are found in life and destiny- 2Pet 1:3

However, you may be going through a very rough and tough time now, but the goodnews is that it is working out for you an exceeding and eternal weight of glory that you may never cover from.

The scripture says, that challenge – be it joblessness, sickness, disappointment, debt, marital or business or career stagnation is working for you and that for your good. You may want to ask, ‘how is it working for my good?’ 

The scripture says …”And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to his purpose” Rom 8:28.

As long as you are a lover of God and you are pursuing His purpose for your life. But the question is, are you a lover of God? Have you discovered His purpose for your life? Are you in pursuit of it? 

How do you become a lover of God? 

  • Surrender your life to Jesus, be a lover of His Word, His house, His people, among others.(Rom 10:8-10/Ps 119:97/84:1-2/Matt 22:37-39)

How do you discover your purpose? Among others;

  • Seek the Lord by a separation unto Him in prayer and fasting – Jer 33:3/Pro18:1
  • Identify your greatest passion in life – Job 32:8/ Neh 1:3-11
  • Identify your most dominating gift/talent – Lk 19:13/ Pro 18:16/ Rom 11:29

As you engage these few points, I see the Lord turning every shame in and around your life into an unending glory on everyside in Jesus’ name. 

Remain ever blessed. 

Jesus is Lord!

David O. Adebayo