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18 April 2021


Praise the Lord! Blessed be the Lord God Almighty who has counted us worthy to see another week in the land of the living and it shall surely it shall be our week of supernatural abundance.


On this platform, we shall be continuing in our series captioned - Glorification: God’s Ultimate for You. – Rom 8:29-30

As it is written; 

“18 But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day – Pro 4:18


We serve a God who is glorious in His ways and His path are full of wonders – Ps 145:5

Even though, God’s ultimate for us is glorification we must understand that it is a must for us to follow His path in order to experience His glory all the way and successfully arrive gloriously. This is because where God goes, His glory follows – Is 60:2 

Meaning, when He leads and you follow, you must experience the glow of His presence all the way. Where you stop following, is where your life stops glowing. - 1Sam 4:21-22

For example, there are people who were renown stars in different spheres of life years back – their lives, music, business or career were shining of God’s glory but today nobody hears of them again. This is because when He is no more present, darkness takes over. That shall not be your portion in Jesus’ name. Amen! - Jn 1:5

Whereas many lives lack the glory of God simply because God is never involved in their journeys. I once said to someone, “Never start a journey and tell God join me, but rather let God start the journey and you join Him”. 

This is because when He goes ahead, He clears every obstacle ahead and ushers you into experiencing miracles all the way. That shall be your testimony this week in Jesus’ name!


Also, when He goes ahead, He takes the lead and when He does that, He meets your needs by making supplies available before the need arises. You will never suffer scarcity of anything good again in Jesus’ name! – Is 45:1-3


But if He must go ahead or lead you:

  • Acknowledge and trust Him in all your ways (Make Him first) – Pro 3:5-7
  • Never make Him an alternative at any point in time of journey in life – Ps 34:5
  • Be ready to absolutely and promptly obey His instructions as He leads per time –Jn2:5 
  • Stay connected to His Word and the Holy Spirit for continuous guidance, sensitivity and accuracy – Josh 1:8/ Jn 16:13


In conclusion, be determined to allow Him take the lead while you follow His steps. As you do, I see God causing His glory to shine upon your life and swallow every shame around you this week in Jesus’ name! 

Remain ever blessed!


Jesus is Lord!


David O. Adebayo