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4 July 2020


“If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” – Ps 11:3

In building Engineering or construction of any structure, the place of foundation can never be overemphasized. The foundation determines the durability, the capacity and a lot of consideration even comes into play from the drawings which is the beginning. The same goes for building a Christian family/home.


From the scriptures, we understand that a Christian family is being likened to a building or home. As it is written; 

“Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands” - Proverbs 14:1

If that is the case, then the foundation must be correctly laid. In the scripture above “A wise woman…” –  implies that to build a Christian family/home, wisdom is a key factor. The scripture makes us to further understand that, even God, the Almighty never embarked on the work of creation without possessing the foundation of wisdom. 


As it is written;  “The Lord possessed me at the beginning of His way, Before His works of old.” - Proverbs 8:22

This reveals that even the Almighty God laid a solid foundation at the beginning of His work of Creation by the engagement of the Spirit of Wisdom - Proverbs 3:19 

Therefore, it is wise to strategically consider laying a solid foundation while building a lasting godly/ Christian family through the engagement of the Spirit of Wisdom - Prov 24:3-4 Without Wisdom, every family is set for a huge for, sooner or later.


How to engage wisdom in our laying a solid foundation for a family: 

  • Begin with the Word (Whatever the Word starts, the Word sustains). -Ps 119:9-10
  • Secure understanding for the family construction.- Matt 19:4-7 
  • Desire to understand and walk in the love of God. – Joh 3:16/ 1Cor 13:1-13/1Jn 2:5-10/ 1Jn 3:16
  • Desire to be baptised with the Spirit of love. - Rom 5:5/ 1 Tim 1: 6-7 


With the few points above among many others, securing a solid foundation for a godly and Christian family is guaranteed. 


 Remain ever blessed. 


Jesus is Lord! 

David. O. Adebayo